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In Awe Fitness started in the great state of Texas and its roots, and success, have spread throughout the entire United States helping women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds take control of their body by paving the path of their health and fitness journey, one goal-crushing feat at a time.


In Awe Fitness’ core mission is to provide women with the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves. We pride ourselves on crafting clean eating, well-organized meal plans custom tailored to specific fitness and health goals. We design first-class fitness regimented programs to achieve the body you have always dreamed of. We believe in being healthy and happy in your own body and follow the no BS approach to get you there; through unconventional methods created with YOU in mind. We take an individualistic approach with each of our clients. Your success is our ultimate success. We hold you accountable throughout each program that we offer to ensure you are envisioning your goal every time your foot hits the pavement. We believe every woman is powerful and we know our team has what it takes to help you release your power from within.


Combining the tenacious, passionate, unyielding yet, big-hearted presence of head coach, Army Veteran and founder, Amber Williams with the caring, sensible and level-headed vibes of trainer and health connoisseur, Britni Leach, the #FitChic mentality and lifestyle was born.  


A #FitChic is defined as a confident, no-holds-barred female who is on a journey for greatness in all around health. Amber and Britni, along with their expert team, provide the tools and life skills necessary to turn your normal female into a #FitChic for life.


We are fearless.

We are uncompromising.

We are females.

We are #FitChics.

We are #InAwe.


Contact us today to start your journey alongside us and become a #FitChic for life.

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