A Glimpse Inside Amber’s Top WHY’s for Success

Often times when you are in your first few weeks of a new program with In Awe Fitness you will find Amber asking you to focus on and share your WHY. You can hear her asking you WHY you joined her program, WHY you need a lifestyle change, WHY you find time and motivation to follow her meal plan and fitness routines and WHY you will continue to be part of her #fitchic squad for life. We all have our own personal reasoning for starting out and setting fitness and health goals for ourselves. Some people start because they want to be able to run around the yard with their kids and live a long, healthy life, others want to look smokin’ hot naked (I mean who doesn’t right?) If the Lord ain’t built you like a brick house, well Amber sure can help with that! Whatever your reason is, Amber and In Awe believes in it’s power. Motivators are essential pieces of your puzzle to success. In a rare instance, Amber decided to share some of her WHY’s with her #fitchic squad so you, too, can see what makes her push for better, within herself, each day.

Amber, what is your fitness WHY?!

Amber began her fitness journey, in full force, after her two children were born. Initially her WHY was to get her baby momma body back and knew the gym was the right place to start. She wanted to feel sexy and look good naked again. Moms around the world can vouch for this one, right?! Just because we become mommas to one, two, three (or more!) kids doesn’t mean we can’t be fine, fit and fabulous. As women, we are constantly pulled into so many directions as a mom, a wife, an employee, a taxi driver, a chef, a tutor, a maid and the list goes on and on. We tend to lose ourselves in the process of caring for everyone else around us. We become so invested in giving our full energy and heart to the people we love that we forget, often times, to love ourselves first.

Amber, how has your WHY changed in the last couple of years?

Reflecting back on her beginning WHY Amber now sees things differently. She is not her sole motivator anymore. What drives her each and every morning to jump out of bed at 3AM (yes, 3AM!!) get dressed and head to the gym is her #fitchics. She believes that, “if they can do it! So can I.” There are so many days where she finds herself lying in bed fighting herself to get up but then pictures the faces and journeys of so many of her girls. Her #fitchic tribe is her unyielding motivation to push herself to greater heights and keep conquering any challenge that crosses her path. In her heart she knows she has to keep pushing to be the role model that each and every #fitchic needs in their passage to greatness.

Amber, why do you ONLY train women?

Has this question ever crossed your mind when thinking about Amber and In Awe Fitness? Why on Earth does Amber only train women? Can’t she tailor fitness routines and meals plans to men who need help getting their body back to? Simply put, Amber doesn’t believe that men can hack it. As women we carry the mental load of our families, our work and our lives. There is a hell of a lot more that goes into women getting back in shape versus men. Now we aren’t pulling the gender card here, so you can relax your eyebrows, but really, think about it! Has your husband ever told you, “UGH! Babe! I really need to lose 10 pounds.” He quits soda, changes up his diet, does cardio for like… 5 days, and BAM! Good-bye 10 pounds. We smell cookies and gain two pounds at least. No, but honestly, think about how much harder it is, for us, as women to focus on ourselves and drop the pounds. What we are up against on the daily is tough! Amber understands that. Amber lives that. Amber wants to create a space where you can be selfish, for once, and put yourself first 100% of the time without feeling guilty. She wants to give you the tools, give you the plan and tell you to run with it! Get out there and get it done! She built her business on the ideal that it was a place where any woman could feel comfortable to share their struggles just as they would to share their successes. She wants you to use In Awe, and it’s programs, as a release, as a place for your own self-fricken-love. You matter, your body matters and Amber is here to prove that to you!

Amber, WHY is bodybuilding your workout method of choice?

Amber gets this question a lot from an array of people, inside and outside of her programs. For her it’s simple- genetically she was built for it. As she progressed in the gym the biggest results came from lifting heavy and pushing her body to new limits with each dead-lift. The quick results she was seeing were a huge WHY in her reasoning to keep going further and literally build her body to her liking. Notably she is also a fan of the body building world and is fascinated by professional body builders. The bodybuilding space highlights people with similar body types to her so she feels as though she can fully relate to them and their processes.

Amber, gimme the deets, girl!

Have more questions for Amber on her own personal journey? Want the inside scoop on all of the juicy details? Oh stop girl- we all do. Head on over to In Awe Fitness’ Facebook page and comment your question under the “WHY AMBER” post. We will pick 10 lucky #fitchics who get their questions answered on an upcoming post! Don’t hold back- let’s hear what tea you want her to spill. It’s about to get really interesting #fitchics. Don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to receive the latest content right to your inbox!

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