Amber's Thoughts on Fitchics + CARDIOOOOO

Why should #fitchics do cardio?

Cardio helps your heart and lungs function better during exercise and rest. With cardio your heart becomes stronger which means it doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood. Cardio also helps boost your metabolism, combat stress and depression. Simply put... CARDIO IS LIFE, that is why you should do cardio.

Types of #fitchic Cardio:

(Cardio incorporated in my training plans)

Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS): This is any type of cardio exercise where you maintain the same low-intensity cardio pace for a set period of time.

Pros: Lower impact, quicker recovery, doesn't take a lot of focus, easier to commit to

Cons: Takes longer to burn calories, not exciting.

Interval Cardio: This type involves alternating between different speeds, levels, or intensities throughout a single cardio workout.

Pros: Burn more calories faster, and longer! {Google: the afterburner effect}

Cons: Takes longer to recover, and more motivation to do.

High Intensity Interval Cardio (HIIT): This type of cardio focus on quick bursts of high-intensity muscle building exercises like sprinting, burpees, equating etc. followed by a rest period. Example: 20 second burpees followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds.

Pros: Burns more calories then both steady and interval cardio, wide array of options, its exciting.

Cons: Takes longer to recover, when done correctly it is really tough to complete.

When? How long? and How often should #fitchics do Cardio?

4-6 TIMES A WEEK!!! I am a firm believer of doing cardio in a fasted state. Fasted cardio just feels better to me. I am seldom hungry when I wake in the am, so that avoids me having to try and force a meal. So that means I do not feel bloated or heavy and I have a better sense of clarity. It also sets a healthy tone for my day!

Studies show that because you are in a fasted state your insulin levels are low so your body has a greater chance at burning more fat! But, really it is up to you, whatever works for your body, mind and schedule. As long as you are eating clean and doing cardio you are totally winning!

Now, real quick, let's talk about how long you should do cardio based on the type you choose:

LISS= 35-60 minutes because it takes a bit longer to get warmed up and into your fat burning zone.

INTERVAL= 20-40 minutes because your heart rate is fluctuating so you do not want to over do it and risk forcing your body to

start burning muscle instead of fat in order to stay energized.

HIIT= 15-30 mins gives you just enough time to spike your heart rate, pump blood to those muscles and ignite that metabolism.




Interested in more information on #fitchic cardio? Want a tailored workout routine just for you that includes 4-6 days of cardio? How about becoming a part of the #fitchic Cardio groups each week? Contact us today to learn more and join the #fitchic Movement NOW!