Here is just a little of what went on while on the #FITCHIC cruise! I had other clips, but they were either too windy or they had a song playing in the background. Youtube doesn't play when it comes to copyright violations, so I didn't want to risk it! Eitheway I had a blast with my girls! Thank you to all the #FITCHICS who came and spent their precious down time with me and the others. Your positive and happy vibes felt so good!!

Britni and I are planning the #FITCHIC RETREAT for next year! Its going to be epic! I really hope more of my #FITCHIC will be able to attend! Stay tuned....

Check out the video and make sure you take notes when it comes to the workouts. These are just a couple of the videos we made. We are coming out with several e-books within the next couple of months one will be "NOTHING BUT COMPLEX's". Yep thats the tile! For those of you who don't know Complexes, are workouts where you do multiple moves/exercises back to back with the same piece of equipment. They are great for those days you are short on time, or limited when it comes to gym equipment! This dumbbell glute complex is the absolute truth, so make sure you add it to your next leg day!!!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my #FITCHIC blog.

Stay tuned for Fridays #FITCHIC of the week!!

Woot Woot!

~Amber & Britni

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