Embracing Plant-Based for Every Day Health: Coach Britni’s Journey

When it comes to being the best version of you, Health and Fitness Coach, Britni Leach, describes the lifestyle as uniting your outer and inner self. How your body operates and functions on a daily basis internally is just as important as the reflection in the mirror. Just about a year ago, Britni decided to dive head-first into the plant based lifestyle, for no other reason than to be the healthiest person she could be. Although not an easy transition, she was confident that the change would be beneficial to her overall fit lifestyle. She wanted to take care of her entire body, which, in large part, involves the food you put into your mouth (and your body!) on a daily basis.

A plant-based lifestyle is an eating routine consisting mostly of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, with few or no animal products.

Now, before you decide you need to roll your eyes all the way back into your head- we get it! We understand that all of the hype around going plant-based, vegetarian or vegan can be overwhelming and hard to grasp. You’re thinking to yourself, “Okay! Go girl! But yeah... that’s not for me! I don’t follow trendy diets.” What we advise, from the deepest parts of our hearts, and bellies, is don’t knock it ‘til you try it! We suggest following Britni’s most helpful tips to start turning your insides into a #fitchic too. These tips are tried and true, by our own Britni, so they are sure to help you get on your way.

1. Start small and slow. With most things, putting all of your eggs (or in this case apples) into one basket is CRAZY OVERWHELMING. Girl, don’t do that to yourself! You are only going to come out discouraged, frustrated and hungry. Begin transitioning one meal at a time. For example, instead of eating meat for your lunch or dinner protein, try a vegan burger. Once you become accustomed to that, up it to two meals a day and so on. Fun fact: vegan burgers pack the punch with up to 20g of protein per serving. Tell that to your gains.

2. Ditch the idea that this is “another fad diet.” Becoming plant-based is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change to ensure that your entire being is fit and healthy. Don’t turn your nose up to something you’ve never tried or done your research on. This is not about being glamorous. This is not about being an earthy crunchy hipster who is all about saving the cows. This is about YOU. This is about getting off of those medications you’re taking and getting back to being the best version of YOU. This is about looking smokin’ hot in the mirror and knowing that your heart is on fleek too.

3. Do your research! If you’re still like, “Girl- yeah right!” go on and see for yourself. Look into the health benefits of switching from a primarily meat-based diet to one that is rich in fruits, vegetables and grains. Spoiler alert: going plant based can eliminate diabetes, reduce high blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and help you maintain a healthy weight... just to name a few benefits. Oh! I see that question mark fading above your head right now.

4. Focus on your transition first. Yes, ideally you should transition your entire family so that meal time is easier to manage and they are receiving the same health benefits you are, but, take it slow. Get yourself set up fully before helping others (kind of the same concept as those oxygen masks on the planes). Just seeing you make the transition can (and will!) fuel your spouse to want to jump on board. Your kids, depending on their age, may be more resistant, but, with the right tools and role model (YES, YOU!) things will run smoothly.

5. Don’t beat yourself up! As we all know change takes time. Change takes work. Change takes consistency and commitment. Give it your best shot every day and things will eventually fall into place just as you have hoped. Find a support system to help you through the transition. Don’t be afraid to try new things and chef up new healthy, plant-based meals. We promise they’re yummy.

Britni is a Utah native, an Army wife to her high school sweetheart and a boy mom of three. She is passionate about helping #fitchic, just like you, embrace the plant-based lifestyle and is here to help! Contact Britni today for all the tips and tricks you need to get you started on your own plant-based journey, tofu scramble recipe included.

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