#Fitchic Nutrition 101

When it comes to being a #fitchic, there is one rule above all else, that you need to follow- If it ain't on the meal plan, DON'T eat it! This rule holds true through each of In Awe Fitness' programs. When it comes to losing weight and getting fit, nutrition plays the biggest role in your success (or failure!). Amber and Britni create meal plans backed by reality and science that have proven results. We understand that no one is perfect and slip ups happen in everyone's fitness journey, but a $5 box from Popeye's is not an "oops", it is an intentional choice to eat badly and disrespect your body! Did you know that the biggest key to losing weight is in what you eat? Nutrition is more important than exercise and physical activity, which are supplemental to your nutrition / meal plan. Making poor/ lazy food choices sets you back especially when you continue to make them daily. You want to lose weight, get fit, look amazing etc. etc. but you continue to slip up in the most important aspect. That's not how this #fitchic life works. This blog is dedicated to my OG #fitchics who know the rules and regulations. Stop making excuses for your bad eating habits and get back on the meal plan. NUTRITION IS QUEEN! CONSISTENCY IS KING! You have got to acknowledge and respect them if you really and truly want yo adopt this #fitchic lifestyle.

Did you know?

  • Sugary drinks are the most fattening and detrimental product in the modern diet. They are a straight waste of calories, I would rather you eat some french fries than drink a soda. Water, ideally a gallon (128 oz) a day, is the way to go!

  • Weight loss pills don't work and have negative affects on your nutrition habits. Especially for those who have been going to the weight loss center and getting refills month after month!

  • Tracking calories is helpful, but tracking macros is more effective and beneficial, but it can be extremely overwhelming, and I do not recommend it to those #Fitchics who have over 15 lbs to lose.

  • Junk food and sugar are as addictive to your brain as illegal recreational drugs. So just say NO!

  • On the flip side of everything we just talked about is the thought that eating less saves calories and helps you lose weight. WRONG. That worked when we were in our teens, and for some of us it didn't even work then! Not eating enough is just as bad as overeating! When you stress your body out on daily: stress as in just getting out of bed, working out, going to work, yelling at your kids, spending "quality time" with your significant other. I define stress as anything that you have to physically do/ exert energy on. So, if you are exerting energy and not putting the energy back by eating / consuming calories your body goes into panic / store mode and your metabolism just drops! Next thing you know you have put on 5 lbs and now you are in WTF mode. As most of you know, fixing your metabolism is NOT easy, and it take like time to get your body to trust you again!

One of the biggest things we need to remember as #fitchics is that we are eating to fuel our bodies not to indulge. Eating the right foods provide us with energy, vitamins and minerals to sustain us and allow us to live our best lives. Food can make or break your bodies, so choose wisely and FOLLOW THE PLAN. Need help perfecting your meal prepping skills? Looking for a meal plan custom built just for you? Contact Amber and Britni ASAP!

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