#FITCHIC of the Week: Casey DeSpain

Can we please have a round of applause for Mrs. Casey DeSpain, y’all?! She was chosen by coaches Amber and Britni as this week’s #fitchic of the Week due to her active lifestyle, her dedication to crushing her goals, in and out of the gym, and her amazing Flat Belly and Build and Lean program results!

Amber and Casey have known each other for about twenty years. In that time they’ve grown to be close friends who have always believed and supported one another. Casey moved to Willis, Texas, Amber’s hometown, when she was 16 years old and Amber was one of the first friends she made there (Let’s Go Wildcats!). Casey recalls so many wonderful, fun, wild memories with Amber. As Casey remembers, “There was never a dull moment (with Amber) and she kept us all in stitches…. She has never been scared to go the extra mile.”

Fast forward to present day and Casey sees things like this: “The little teenage girl we used to beg to flex in the high school weight room mirror has made it! She is living her dream and it’s such an inspiring thing to see. I have watched a girl work for every drop of sweat, every Skype phone call to her toddler when she was deployed, late nights studying, raising a family, being an Army wife and changing hundreds of women's lives on the DAILY! She's made it. God broke the mold when He created this woman. She is special and no matter what gets thrown her way she will always come out on top.”

Because Casey has trusted Amber for countless years it only made sense for her to jump in and join her Flat Belly program. Like most of us mommas, weight loss after baby is HARD! Weight loss after two babies?! GOODNESS ME! Can we talk about tough?! Casey was faced head-on with that post-pregnancy challenge and wanted to be the best version of herself for her two boys, Jake and Luke, and her family. She started her fit journey about two years ago at 200 pounds and has lost over 30 pounds since actively participating in In Awe’s programs. When reflecting on her journey specifically with In Awe, Casey says, “(Amber) inspires and encourages (me). No matter how many times I fail, not only in my fitness journey but my personal life, she picks me up.”

Although Casey is currently residing in Centerville, Texas, about 2 hours away from Amber, she continues to stay active with In Awe’s programs. The virtual ease of use is unmatched. You feel connected even when your 2 hours or 10 hours away! Casey has a group of 5-6 women that have followed In Awe’s programs in her tiny town. The ladies in the group have become close friends and each other’s accountability for the programs. These women workout together every morning and keep pushing through on days they don't think they can. Casey notes, “Just a few weeks ago it clicked to me- Amber isn't even living in the same town as me anymore and she's still bringing the best out in me. I have met some of my best friends here in Centerville through her programs. We are a tight knit group and we encourage and inspire each other. She has the ability to change lives no matter how close or far you are from her.”

Every #fitchic has a real, raw story about their fit journey to share. Embrace your truth, own your progress and conquer your goals head-on every single day. Will you be the next #fitchic of the Week? Coach Amber is always watching so show her how you shine! Be sure to subscribe for the latest content and see who wins the #fitchic gold medal next #fitchicFriday. Congratulations on all of your fit achievements, Casey! #WootWoot

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