#FITCHIC of the Week: Desiree Pacheco

#fitchics are everyday women who inspire others to live their healthiest lifestyle through their fit actions according to this week’s #fitchic of the Week, Desiree Pacheco. It’s safe to say that without Desiree’s inspiration, in Amber’s life, In Awe Fitness would not be what it is today to women around the world. Desiree was Amber’s angel, in a way, picking her up out of a slump and encouraging her to spend time on herself in the walls of the gym. Desiree inspired Amber to begin her fitness journey.

Desiree is a mom of four, a wife, a U.S. Army veteran, a teacher and, most importantly, an inspiration to every live that crosses her path. Her dedication, in and out of the gym, speaks volumes to her character and mindset. Desiree started her fitness journey to be the best version of herself, inside and out, and inspire others to do the same. When asked why she continues to choose the #fitchic life above all else she says, “I want to be there for my children and show them the importance of taking care of yourself. I want them to be inspired by me. I feel that women tend to want to take care of others instead of themselves. I hope to inspire them to always set aside time for their mental and physical health.”

When thinking about her favorite reasons to be a #fitchic, with In Awe, Desiree sums it up like this: “The best part is the inspiration from others. We all have many obstacles, but we still make time to live the fit life and take care of ourselves. Amber keeps it 100 and is truly concerned with your goals whether it is to fit into a pair of your favorite jeans or to build muscle for an upcoming competition. Amber actually takes the time to tailor your meal plans and exercise regimens to fit your fit goals. She is not a cookie cutter trainer. She genuinely cares for others and it is apparent.”

Desiree’s #fitchic style of choice? Bodybuilding! She began her fit life at 120 pounds and is now 140 from lifting weights. On July 12, 2014, Desiree won first place Women's Physique in the Adela Garcia Competition. She also came in third place in Women's Physique in an NPC competition. Weightlifting and bodybuilding are fully intertwined into who Desiree is as a person; she loves the challenge to constantly pursue the best version of her body that she can. Speaking of weightlifting- her favorite memory of Amber is, “when (Amber) loaded up my rack during our workouts. (I thought) “like, who is lifting that Nikki?” (Amber) would then say, “lightweight Dee!!!” Then of course I would have no other choice than to show her it is indeed lightweight!"

Desiree knows that no journey worth being a part of is ever easy. If she had to give advice to new #fitchics or those #fitchics struggling to make it through a plan or workout she would say this, “Stick to it even on bad days. We all have them. Just dust yourself off and try, try again. A lot of times I feel that people will fail one day or one meal and think forget it! Instead we should think, “I am human and that was one bad meal, I will do better.” The teacher in me also believes "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!" This quote applies to all aspects of life. If you want to see a different person in the mirror the work will feel uncomfortable, but oh so worth it in the end. Get out of your comfort zone!”

Congratulations on all of your #fitchic achievements, Desiree! You have, and continue to, inspire so many women with your strength, resiliency and go-getter spirit. We are so proud to have you as part of the In Awe Fitness squad. You are a #fitchic for life!

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