Dora is a 44 year old, army wife, mother of two, and she works for KISD!

Look here, when I met Dora she started bootcamp weighing in at 225lbs in and now she is at 140lbs! I am in totally awe every time I look at the woman.When I first met Dora, at the boot. I am pretty sure that she'd pulled an inner abdominal muscle and we hadn't even finished the warm up yet . The painful look she displayed made me immediately think... "Damn, I hope she signed the waiver! Then I thought "either way she ain't coming back" Boy, was I wrong. She kept showing up to those early am workouts, and quickly started to implement my initial meal plan. Then, she was like the first person to sign up for flatbelly #4. Now she is 85lbs lighter. The woman deserves a standing ovation. Her WILL and WHY to succeed is so strong that she has become inspiration to my OG FITCHICS. I just listened to her video and to hear that she has been able to lower the dosage on her meds gives me pure joy. Dora is straight up proof that consistency, accountability, and honesty is the keys to being a LEGIT #fitchic!!!

Check her out!!!

Starting FLATBELLY #4 Weight and Waist :

202 and 29.5 inches

Current Weight and Waist:

140.4 and 31 inches

What motivated you to join the #fitchic/ flatbelly squad?

"I tried it on my own not always getting it right then having to take lots of different medications to make it through the day with different problems and thought about my husband and kids and family members I thought how could I be able to take care of them if I'm not taking care of me we all know as a Wife and mother who we put on the back burner with out a thought or any regret it was time to do my part in making sure I here for the long haul for Me and My Family and Friends that I care so deeply for"

How would you define a #fitchic?








(Yall see what that spells FITCHIC!!! My blog doesn't want me to show how great Dora's acronym is)

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!?

"My stomach."

What do you daily to try to improve your least favorite areas?

"Cardio and core exercises and wearing my waist trainer while doing these things some advice given by #BEAUTIFULSTORM Coach Amber"

What was your first impression of Amber?

"Not knowing what my sister Got me in to. After class got started I thought to myself... I don't know how to take Amber... oh hell nah I ain't coming back!! Lol now looky looky still here with Amber and the #INAWE team!” 

Why do you continue to choose In Awe Fitness programs over all others?

"One of my (sister) Great friends Melody Jackson was doing the program and I was #INAWE of how well she was doing and her results. So I signed up and now I see first hand that this program works!!! Amber was legit at the bootcamp and she's legit outside of the bootcamp, maybe even more so now! So that is why I am still repping for the #fitchic squad!"

Do you have any advice to share with new #fitchics or #fitchics who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle?

“Trust and Believe & Never Give Up On YOU. It is a day to day battle that you CAN WIN. Its MIND OVER MATTER and you have #Fitchic Sisters now who are always there for you/ Like Coach Amber always said Trust the PROCESS it not over night!!

What's in Dora's gym bag!!!

"An extra FITCHIC headband, water jug, some abs of steel and double tap!!

Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to read this post! I appreciate your support and love! Be sure to leave Dora some motivation below!

We are starting another round of FLATBELLY soon and if you going back and forth with whether or not you should sign up! You should definitely make sure you are subscribed to my blog. Dora and Dasheka are just two. I have a whole squad of #fitchics of everyday life! They

are real life women, dealing with real life struggles and yet they still manage to live the #fitchic way

#WOOT #WOOT!!!!!

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