#FITCHIC of the Week: Lan Griffin

The moment you become a mother your entire world goes from being fully about you to refocusing your thoughts and actions fully on your child and providing them with the best life possible. While we, as moms, are working hard to give our children the world, we sometimes forget that we, in fact, are their world so we need to take care of ourselves too. This week’s #fitchic of the Week, Lan Griffin, lives this mentality daily. Her main reason to take care of her health, through her consistently powerful fitness routines and healthy eating regime, is mostly for her daughter. Courtney, now 24 years old, is Lan’s non-verbal autistic daughter and her endless motivation to be the best version of herself day in and day out. Lan also has a son, Christopher, who is 16, and has been happily married to her love, Marcus aka Mr. Boo Thang for 24 years. They currently reside in Harker Heights, Texas.

Lan has been has been an integral part of #fitchic squad going on a good 3 years now. Check out below to read her responses when asked some #fitchic questions.

Why did you begin your #fitchic journey with In Awe Fitness?

“I have always been into fitness, per say, but, at the time I considered myself "skinny fat" until I came upon our amazing trainer, Amber and my world turned upside down in a good way. I can now say that I'm "a legit #fitchic!”  I can clearly remember the first time I met her at an event she hosted and the first thing she said to me was ,"you’ll be back," and I just thought to myself, “hmm maybe haha!” Well, 3 years later here I am. I can say I am a #fitchic because of her programs. My journey has lead me to more than just Amber, its lead me to finding other #fitchics that have the same mindset and goals as I do. Because of Amber and her realness and humbleness, I met my run coach, Sarimar. With this dynamic duo in my grasp I'm a better version of me.”

How would you define a #fitchic?

My definition of a #fitchic is, women, being able to help other women without wanting something in return, to motivate, to inspire others while doing you, staying humble, having a strong mindset and most of all know where you came from and whom helped you get where you are today. That's a definition of a real #fitchic to me!”

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!?

"My least favorite thing is my extra skin on the tummy area due to two c- section."

What do you daily to try to fix this one thing?

"Cardio, eat right and rub me some of that AB OF STEELE lol"

What's the most challenging thing about being a #fitchic?

"The most challenging part about being a #fitchic is remembering why you decided to become fit. Once you figure it out its really not too challenging anymore."

What’s the best part about being a #fitchic? How has your journey with In Awe Fitness been so far?

“Being surrounded by other #fitchic! My journey with In Awe Fitness is like an addiction. I love waking up super early to get my workout in and being able to help Amber share her passion with new #fitchic thru #fitchic meet ups, workouts or whatever!” 

Do you have any advice to share with new #fitchics or #fitchics who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle?

“My advice would be this: Tell yourself that you are worthy, there is only one of YOU and you must choose to take care of YOU . It's okay to fall off but pick yourself up and start again as long as you don't give up! Surround yourself with others who are striving for the same thing. Have a strong mindset and always remember YOUR WHY?!”

Congrats on your journey so far, Lan! You are one of a kind and you inspire so many #fitchics around the world. Keep it up! Your WHY is definitely a special one and we appreciate you sharing so much of your story with the #fitchic world. 


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