#FITCHIC OF THE WEEK: Leanne Jackson

According to this week's #FITCHIC of the Week, Leanne Jackson, a #fitchic is defined as someone who gives 100% to reach and maintain that goal while encouraging and supporting other #fitchics to reach and maintain theirs. Leanne has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager. Like most of us can relate, becoming a mom was a life-changing time in her life, but also played into her continued weight gain. She found herself struggling to lose and decided to get gastric sleeve surgery in 2012. Although the surgery was successful, and she was able to lose a significant amount of weight, she still wasn't at her goal weight and needed something more. Fast forward to January 2, 2019, when she began her #fitchic journey. To date, she is down over 50 pounds, in less than 8 months, thanks to the meal and training programs tailored to her needs by Amber and Britni. We are so excited to continue to watch her #fitchic journey unfold!

Starting Weight and Waist : 222 and 39 inches

Current Weight and Waist: 171 and 31 inches

What is your "#fitchic WHY"?

"Since I was a teenager, I always struggled with weight. Then I had a child at a young age and weight spiraled out of control. In 2012, I had the gastric sleeve done. I was able to lose a significant amount of weight but I never made it to my goal. After being married for a few years and seeing the scale move in the wrong direction and working in a hospital and seeing how sick people can truly get, I did not want to be my own patient. I did not want to be a burden on my family and friends. I knew I needed to take action since I didnt want to put my body through such a major surgery just to be where I was again in the beginning."

What is the most challenging part about being a #fitchic?

"Being able to get to do all the awesome activities in ONE day! Having a career in an unpredictable field leaving you wondering how long you will be at work. Some day I wanna walk with the group in the morning, get my amazing HIIT workout for FB2.0, get a ride in with the bikers and work an 8 or 12 or 14hrs shift. But I cant do it all. I have to step back, rest and regroup for the next day. So having to pick and choose which workout and which would benefit the most at that time."

What is the best part about being a #fitchic, and being apart of the In Awe family?

"The fit minded family like atmosphere is truly a unique setting. I love being apart of of this group that pushes and motivates you to be the best and do your best! Amber, Britni and all the coaches encourage you and show you that you can accomplish things you never thought you could do. Things your mind would talk you out of if you were alone."

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!?

"My lower half, especially my calves. I have always had large lower legs. I feel like I can cover everything else but its HOT in Texas. I'm always in jeans covering my legs."

What do you daily to try to improve your least favorite areas?

"I try to do a lot of walking/jogging and bike riding to strengthen my legs. Also getting my body used to drinking plenty of water seems to be helping with them not swelling so much. Hoping the water and cardio along with strength training to get them toned."

What was your first impression of Amber?

"I've known of Amber for sometime now. I believe I first met her in 2013 during a free workout session my bestie/fitchic sister Dinae invited me to. Since Amber was training my BFF, I was totally scared of her. Amber would knock on her door at 4am and would always text her and ask her what she was eating. WHAT? OMG! This lady is CRAZY! But I totally get it. I get the accountability it gives. The drive to want to do the right thing and eat the right way. I see the heart and the passion Amber has to want everyone to succeed in their goals."

Why do you continue to choose In Awe Fitness programs over all others?

“I have been apart of many, many programs and gyms in the past. I have seen first hand the results her program can give you. The accountability, her heart, passion and knowledge she sets forth. They say when you see results it becomes addicting. Well, I am addicted to her program.” 

Do you have any advice to share with new #fitchics or #fitchics who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle?

“TRUST THE PROCESS. Amber says this phrase ALL the time. She knows what she is talking about. Take steps to write out action plans and make a commitment to stick to them. Make small changes daily. Small changes become big changes. After a while they become habits and a part of your daily routine. Think about what the most important things are in your life. You have to take care of yourself because if you take care of others first, what happens to you? What will happen to others if you are not there? ”

What's in Leanne's gym bag!!!

"Two extra sets of clothes, sweat vest, bcaa powder for after workout, My #fitchic favs is the fitchic towel and headband. I love them, need more of them, in different colors. And of course my Fitbit watch so I show Amber where is HR has been and that I'm not slacking on my workout."

Leanne you are the true definition of a LEGIT FITCHIC! Watching you step out of your comfort zone and transform inside and out has been mind blowing and so inspiring. Thank you for letting me and Britni be a chapter in your story. Its crazy to think that we have known each other for quite some time now. It just goes to show how awesome your results will be when you are 100% committed!!

Fitchics, thanks for taking a moment out of your day to read this post! I appreciate your support and love! Be sure to leave Leanne some motivation below! Stay tuned we have another fitchic of the week posting at noon today!! So make sure you have SUBSCRIBED!!!

#WOOT #WOOT!!!!!

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