#FITCHIC OF THE WEEK: Patricia Quillen

Have you ever felt sick and tired of being sick and tired? This week’s #Fitchic of the Week, Patricia Quillen, used that same sentiment as her driving force to begin her fitness journey in July of 2018. Starting her own business took a toll on her health as she was putting all of her time and energy in perfecting her business and no time or fuel into taking care of herself. She found herself at a point where she was sleeping 2-3 hours a night, kicking back anything sugar-loaded to give her that quick boost of energy and not finding time for exercise in her daily schedule. As moms, business women, wives and sisters, we can relate, right? That all changed when Mrs. Pati turned into a #fitchic. Since her start with In Awe Fitness, about a year ago, she has dropped almost 20 pounds and 6 inches on her waist and has inspired a whole tribe of other women to do the same!

Starting weight & waist: 166 lbs 35 inches

Current weight & waist: 148 lbs 29.5 inches

What is your "#fitchic WHY"?

"I started a workout program almost every week. In fact, I actually started (day 1 of the 15-day Green Smoothie five times in a single week. I would have a morning smoothie and chase it w/2 breakfast tacos. Who was going to check me? I was working crazy hours with a non-stop schedule, averaging 2-3 hours of sleep and carbs, more importantly SUGAR was my fuel. I had seen Ms. Mary in the shop (getting her hair done) and she had what looked like a small duffle and I was nosy enough to ask about it. When she said it was her food, I kinda sucked my teeth and walked away. Later I found out from Kineta that Ms Mary was in a weight loss program. Ms. Mary looked fabulous, so all of us decided “Let’s do it”. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I started a business about 9 years ago and I allowed the business to become my priority and I was no longer taking care of myself."

What is your definition of a #fitchic?

"A FitChic is that woman who consistently crushes personal fitness goals and who pushes through challenges with strength (mental and physical), grit, and determination to surpass her limits. Quitting is not in her DNA"

What is the most challenging part about being a #fitchic?

"Taking my ass to bed at night! It didn’t take me long to realize that I turn into a damned Gremlin at night. I would start watching TV, get bored and next thing you know I’m headed to the pantry eating a bunch of crap all night. It’s important that I stay on schedule, so I’ve created alarms for EVERYTHING, waking up, meals and yes, even bed-time. My bedtime alarm is 9:30 and by 10:00 it’s lights out, no TV, phone, nothing-silence."

What is the best part about being a #fitchic, and being apart of the In Awe family?

"The best part about being an #inawefitchic is that I know that there is a support system that I can rely on and keep me on track. I’ve completed FBB3/4 and Build & Lean 2/3. I trust Amber and I feel that her programs provide me with accountability and structure."

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!?

"My back. "

What do you daily to try to improve your least favorite areas?

"I just follow Amber's plan!"

What was your first impression of Amber?

"Haha. When I saw videos of her interacting with others I thought. Damn, she sounds like me, she is a badass”. Then when I saw instructional videos I thought...She could crush watermelons with those arm. Finally, when I saw her in person I thought, Damn, she is tiny."

Why do you continue to choose In Awe Fitness programs over all others?

"In Awe works! I like it that I have a trainer who tells me how it is, is up front, is honest and holds me accountable. I have too much attitude and wouldn’t take her serious if she let me get away with shenanigans. Through #Inawe I have gotten true results so I have zero reservations about investing in these programs because it’s an investment in myself."

Do you have any advice to share with new #fitchics or #fitchics who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle?

“Find a stable support system. Surround yourself with like minded people who will support your goals, provide encouragement and won’t undermine your progress.”

Pati!!!! Thank you for signing up and trusting Amber's crazy process! Lord knows it is not always the easiest thing to do. You have continually stuck to Amber's programs and steadily reaped the benefits. You are a selfless and genuine person! You have inspired others to put their health first, like a lot of others!!! That's what you call setting the example!

(Pati, Britni wrote this paragraph! She like never writes any of the blogs, but she totally said that 😍 "snap snap")

#Fitchics thanks again for taking the time out of your busy day to check out our (OUR as in mine, Cat's, Britni's, yours, the whole #fitchic nations) blog! #WootWoot

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