As with most things in life, fitness journeys are personal ones. Every #fitchic has a reason why they chose to begin their fit lifestyle and join In Awe Fitness. If you're an OG #fitchic you know that Amber and Britni ask you to dig deep and discover your #WHY. Then they expect you use it as your 24/7 motivation. Ruth's has some serious motivation. The biggest reason she started taking her health seriously and prioritizing her fitness was for her 11 year old son, Sean. She knew that she needed to be here for him and become healthy and strong, both physically and mentally, due to the lifelong care she will put forth to take care of him amidst his medical disabilities. The other part of her #why? She always dreamed of looking in the mirror and feeling sexy! Ruth began her fitness journey in March of 2018 with In Awe Fitness, and for the first time in her 35 years of life, can finally say that she found her true confidence the day she became a #fitchic.

Starting Weight and Waist: 201lbs and 35 inches

Current Weight and Waist: 145lbs and 28 inches

What is your "#fitchic WHY"?

"I was grieving losing my dad and trying to also take care of my son in 2016-2018, who had been very sick in the hospital. I turned to comfort food and just let myself go. I have always been a thick girl, but I was unhealthy and going down the wrong path. I knew I needed to make lifestyle changes or I would not be able to care for my son for years to come. My son has several medical disabilities and I will always need to take care of him and knew I needed to be healthy physically and mentality. I wanted to learn how to be healthy and stay that way. I have never loved my body until I became a fitchic. I always dreamed of looking in the mirror and feeling sexy. It took me 35 years, but I found my true confidence when I became a fitchic. "

What is your definition of a #FITCHIC? "Being a fitchic is hard work, it is not easy. A fitchic is a woman with a mindset, goal-focused, an believes in herself. A fitchic helps other woman find their way and stays humble. I am determined and have drive. I will not give up!"

What is the most challenging part about being a #fitchic?

"I think the most challenging is having enough time in the day to do all the things I need to do to stay fit, such as cardio, weights, meal prepping, and sleep. I somehow find a way to make it all happen, because being fit is so important and makes me better in other areas of my life. "

What is the best part about being a #fitchic, and being apart of the In Awe family?

"I think the best part is the women I have met. I have learned something from each and ever one of them. I also love inspiring other people along the way. It feels amazing when other women tell me I have inspired them to choose the fitchic lifestyle and make healthy lifestyle changes. My journey with In Awe Fitness started in March of 2018. Some friends I worked with started encouraging me to try UK bootcamp with Amber. I was working out at GOLD's and was seeing results but had not found my happy place. When I first met Amber she welcomed me and I joined flatbelly battle and that is where I found the tools and motivation I had been looking for. I then did two build and leans and continue to live this fitchic life! This summer I have taken a few vacations and lived my best life a little, but because I am a fitchic I am able to jumped right back in and maintain the progress I have made. "

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!?

"My loose skin on my stomach. "

What do you daily to try to improve your least favorite areas?

"I meal prep. I make healthy choices and do cardio daily (I know abs are built in the kitchen...per Amber)."

What was your first impression of Amber?

"When I first met Amber and she smacked on the butt at bootcamp, I thought this woman is crazy, but apparently crazy tough love is what I needed.

Why do you continue to choose In Awe Fitness programs over all others?

"Amber's programs give me motivation and accountability. I know that Amber and all the In Awe coaches have my back no matter what."

Do you have any advice to share with new #fitchics or #fitchics who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle?

“Always remember your why, why did you start, why are doing this. I look at before pictures and don't even recognize that woman (inside and outside), I have really changed, and do not want to lose what I have found. Reach out when you are struggling, and there is a fitchic that you can relate to and will help you. :-) ”

What's in Ruth's gym bag!!!

"I use a waist trainer, gloves, bands, and a giant water bottle. My fitchic favorite are my cardio shirts!"

Ruth!!!! You give us so much life! Britni and I are so glad you allowed us to be your fitness coaches. Your will to succeed is unlike any other. You are truly one tough cookie! I know this journey hasn't been easy for you and some days are way worst then others. But your hard work and sacrificing has not be in vain. You are killing the #fitchic game! Thanks for making me a better trainer with all your questions, and thanks for inspiring those around you by sharing your journey!


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