#FITCHIC of the Week: Sarimar Rivera

#FitChic veteran, avid runner and independent mom of three, Sarimar Rivera, was hand-picked by coaches Amber and Britni as the FIRST EVER #fitchic of the Week due to her commitment to the #fitchic lifestyle, her dedication to her own personal development and her progress in both the gym and the kitchen.

Sarimar started her #fitchic journey with In Awe Fitness in March of 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. Her reason to live the #fitchic life is to look and feel the best she can every single day. She believes in what In Awe and Amber has to offer. She finds In Awe’s programs to be absolutely fulfilling. There is nothing better than watching women of all different lifestyles and backgrounds commit to their own personal transformation. She says that, “In Awe Fitness has changed my life and my body! A blessing indeed!” When asked why she continues on her fitness journey with In Awe she says, “It’s part of who I am and my everyday life. It is a lifestyle (for me) now.” Sarimar believes that her own fitness and health journey has been rewarding, challenging and inspiring. Sarimar’s ultimate goal is to be the fittest she ever has been by 50 and with In Awe’s support, programs and accountability we have no doubt she will be!

Sarimar has spent a lot of time alongside Amber, learning from her about nutrition and fitness. Her favorite memory with Amber was when they ran a relay competition together. According to Sarimar, “seeing her struggle doing something I enjoy (running), kind of like how she sees her #fitchics struggle doing something she enjoys (lifting weights)” was humbling. Sarimar assists In Awe with heading up running programs for beginner to advanced women with a passion for running.

Sarimar can’t say enough positive things about Amber and In Awe. “She’s simply the best! I never thought anyone could get me to enjoy lifting weights as much as I do running. She taught me how to embrace being and looking strong!”

Life-changing transformations happen when women, just like Sarimar and you, join the movement with In Awe Fitness. Congratulations to Sarimar on her amazing fitness and health-positive accomplishments so far! We are so proud to have her on our #fitchic squad! We can’t wait to see what hurdles she leaps over next. To learn more about Sarimar and In Awe’s runner’s program reach out to us today!

Will YOU be the next #fitchic of the Week? Check back next Friday to see who reigns in the crown and all the glory that comes with it. We are #InAwe. We are #fitchics!

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