#FITCHIC of the Week: Sondra Wilkerson

When it comes to being regimented and laser-focused, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and this week’s #fitchic of the Week, Sondra Wilkerson, is an expert in her personal and professional life. A wife and mom of two, hailing from Dallas, Texas, she began her #fitchic journey in 2016 after being diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol). At her doctor’s appointment, that fall, she was told that if she did not get her cholesterol under control there was a high chance she could have a severe, life-threatening stroke. In that moment she knew the best medicine to combat this illness was a healthy diet and fitness plan tailored around her needs. She knew, more than anything, that she could not leave her husband, two boys and elderly mother without her so she took action and reached out to Amber for assistance and expertise.

Sondra originally met Amber in 2015. According to Sondra, “(Amber) literally walked up to me adjusted my elliptical introduced herself and walked off. I would see her training people and doing the bootcamps. I was invited by Sarimar, Janeth and Bessie so I decided to give it a try. My life has never been the same. I fell into a rut after retirement in 2016 but I always knew where to go and how I could get help,” and that’s exactly what Sondra did. She found her way back to Amber in 2016 and has been a #fitchic ever since. 

When asked what her favorite thing about In Awe Fitness is, Sondra says, “…the knowledge I have gained (through Amber’s training programs) as well as watching the ladies succeed. Being part of the In Awe team has transformed my journey. I am honored that (Amber) invited me to be part of her team. I went from needing In Awe to save my life to helping others save theirs. Watching the ladies blossom and become more confident is a win to me. The self-confidence and strength that I have seen In Awe Fitness equip these ladies with is nothing but mesmerizing. You have to be a part of it- doing is believing.” The biggest struggle for Sondra is that, “It hurts me to see my fellow #fitchics fall off, especially when it is a matter of life and death for many. My need to see others succeed is sometimes hard. I NEED all of us to WIN.”

So, then, why does Sondra continue to choose In Awe Fitness over any other gym or fitness program in the country? “They are proven. They allow you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle with some sacrifice in order to reach your goals. Once your goals are met you set other goals or maintain with the tools (Amber) has given you.”

When we asked Sondra how she would describe a #fitchic she said, “A (#fitchic) is a woman who is determined to live a healthy and fit lifestyle through her mindset and actions on a daily basis. We all have bad days and moments but we never give up. A #fitchic never quits! To sum it all up Sondra’s advice to other #fitchics, new or veteran, “Trust the process and stay committed to yourself.”

Congratulations on all of your #fitchic wins, Sondra! We are so honored to have you on our #fitchic squad as a lifetime member. Since 2016 you have gained control over your fit journey and are owning it! You inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and for that, we are so grateful! 

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