This week's #FITCHIC of the Week, Teoahnna Mayo, began her In Awe Fitness journey a long time ago. Since then she has lost 55 pounds. Ladies! That deserves a standing ovation- let's give it up for, Teoahnna! Get it girl! Teoahnna believes the best part about being a #fitchic is being surrounded by fierce, like-minded women at all different levels of fitness without judgment! After speaking with Amber for the first time, Teoahnna knew she would be her life-long trainer. Teoahnna, a wife and mom of two, wholeheartedly believes that a #fitchic never quits. As she says, "(a #fitchic) may fall down but she gets up stronger."

PERSONAL LIFE DETAILS (KIDS, MARRIAGE ETC.): I am married to Mark and we have been best friends for over 18 years and married for close to 15 years of those years! I have 2 handsome boys Te'Ayveon Mayo (20 years old) and JeAnte Mayo (14 years old) I have been working for the State of Texas for 12 1/2 years. I love working out and I love motivating others during the workouts! I love to see progress, especially when I overcome mental barriers!



STARTING MEASUREMENTS: Chest 40 waist 39 hips 55

CURRENT MEASUREMENTS: Chest 35 waist 29 hips 45

WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY DID YOU MEET AMBER? I met Amber in Fall of 2011 or 2012 when I was at my heaviest weight and she was getting started with personal training. I found Amber while doing a search on Craigslist! I spoke to her on the phone and I knew instantly she would be my trainer and improve my life. We used to meet at West Fort Hood gym to train at 5 am in the racquetball rooms! She brought a bag and I was always surprised about what came out the bag to ensure a good workout! We continued training at gyms on post, her garage, and group trainings.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF HER? It’s totally okay you can be super honest!! She was small but strong! She was sweet, prepared, consistent, and pushed me to be better! She never looked annoyed, never yelled or cursed, never made me feel bad about being obese! However, she had a way of making me leave weakness at the door when she knew I had more in me to give in the workout! {Wow this is so true, my has time changed me!!!! lol lol}

YOUR " FITCHIC WHY": This is my lifestyle now! I got goals and I have not arrived! I still have fat to lose, and muscle to build. I have learned the benefits of taking better care of myself and feeling good about myself when I walk pass mirrors. I also have the opportunity to pay it forward! I know the struggle, I was obese! I understand what that feels like and how hard it can be at times to remember your Why! I love to remind my fellow Fitchics that their "WHY" is the motivation!

BEST PART ABOUT BEING A FITCHIC? WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY WITH IN AWE FITNESS? I love being surrounded by fierce, like minded women at all different levels of fitness without judgment! I can be helping you in one moment and being pushed to go harder at the same time! We are all working on our individual goals...Together!! My journey has been a roller coaster but it was my fault. I kept going to In Awe Fitness for help, losing weight, and leaving the tools to return to old habits hoping that I wouldn't gain the weight back. I would get discouraged when I gained the weight back. I was embarrassed but Amber would always reach out when I needed her most. The last time she contacted me in 2017 I decided that I would not leave the tools and I would make myself proud this time!

MOST CHALLENGING THING ABOUT BEING A FITCHIC? Getting enough sleep, and discipling myself. In other words, working out on my own, telling myself NO, and not reverting back to bad habits that I had for most of my life! Lastly, not thinking too much about potential failures, rather than focusing on my successes and the hard road I overcame to reach my current level of fitness!

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A #FITCHIC? A Fitchic does not quit, she may fall down but she gets up stronger. Fitchics are informed about their deficits and surround themselves with the tools to succeed! Fitchics don't make excuses, they find a way to continue a healthy lifestyle! A Fitchic knows that size is not an excuse, it does not determine your level of Fitchicness...Heart does! A Fitchic has a plan because she knows failing to plan is planning to fail! A Fitchic does not use food as a reward, we use new smaller clothes and vacations to reward our hard work!

WHY DO YOU CHOOSE AMBER'S PROGRAMS OVER OTHER FITNESS PROGRAMS? I knew Amber was legit from our first meeting and training session. She never forgot about me! With every new pl