#FITCHIC OF THE WEEK: Tracy Harris-Taylor

This week's #FITCHIC of the week, Tracy Harris-Taylor, believes that one of the best things about In Awe Fitness is being part of something that's primary focus is to see women WIN. Tracy defines a #fitchic as a woman who is always working to be a better version of herself! And that is exactly what Tracy is: a LEGIT #FITCHIC. Tracy began her fitness journey with In Awe in September of 2017 and has never looked back. She went from 174 pounds, all the way down to 148! All it took was a made up mind and consistency-two things, that we know, are not always easy to come by. Read on to find out how Tracy stays committed to this #fitchic lifestyle.


I'm a veteran married (20)to a PTSD retired veteran, mother of 2, one of which is Medically Fragile and a business owner for over 10 years.


A women who is always working to be a better version of herself. But also willing to bring along others in the best way she can whether that’s coaching, encouraging with words, working out with you or anyway she can. Wanting everyone to succeed in their “why”.

YOUR " FITCHIC WHY": Initially it was because I got to my “I will never be” weight, then it was my oldest daughter, then both. Eventually after reaching my weight goal, finding new goals #50bodygoals becoming fit, healthy. It became my “FITCHIC Why”.

BEST PART ABOUT BEING A FITCHIC? WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR JOURNEY WITH IN AWE FITNESS? One of the best things is being part of something that wants women to succeed in becoming fit and health. My journey started truly by not really being sure when and how I gained the weight. Once I started losing the weight it kicked off trying to find out why and how long I was in that “damn valley”. We all know those “valleys”, age,depression,anxiety,stress,unhappiness, society changes, LIFE. So I worked Ambers challenge, embraced the process fully and allowed it to become part of me. Even now working through a sidetrack I’m still working what I learned, meal prep/planning, cardio and “Amberisms “ (hearing her voice when you need it).

MOST CHALLENGING THING ABOUT BEING A FITCHIC? Eating enough was my initial hurdle and not drinking enough water and 6 hours of sleep. Yeah, those last two are still work in process.

WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY DID YOU MEET AMBER? I started at Under Kunstruction in April 2017. My first workout I almost threw up (to tight of waist trainer) and Amber was trying to kill folks. But I liked it, I was hooked and all in from that point. At that moment I also needed a group setting and a woman to kick me into gear, Amber was that woman.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF HER? It’s totally okay you can be super honest!! Actually she was scary, reminded me of a drill sergeant I had in AIT and a little bit of me. But I liked that she pushed you and cussed 😂.

WHY DO YOU CHOOSE AMBER'S PROGRAMS OVER OTHER FITNESS PROGRAMS? The Flatbelly taught me the science of needing to feed the body to lose the weight, how/why the need to meal plan and prep. Of course the accountability, is a big factor. And she helps provide guidance and actual how to’s to meet your goal.

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!? I would say my arms, they are taking forever to define.

What do you daily to try to improve your least favorite part? She once she asked to her coaches to do 100 curls for biceps/triceps daily, I still do it.

WHAT'S IN YOUR GYM BAG? WHAT ARE YOU FITCHIC FAVORITES? Gloves, bands, waist trainer, knees braces(protect that injury) and glute trainers. I rub that Abs of Steel on every workout. Also I enjoy running again (thanks Sarimar and the run group)

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE TO SHARE WITH NEW FITCHICS, OR FITCHICS WHO ARE STRUGGLING TO MAINTAIN THIS LIFESTYLE? This is what I know, I trusted?her program, and INVESTED in myself, meet my goal and truly embraced her essentials:meal plan/prep, cardio, 6 hours of sleep and H2O (still a fight) and I live by that. It provides a simple guideline to easy good choices. Even now I have had a 4 month sidetrack, it’s driving me bonkers but I stick to the meal plan/prep, do what I’m allowed to cardio/workout wise that was driven into my brain through the Flatbelly challenge. It’s hard but I have a “go to” to right my path thanks to Amber and Britni.

Tracy I’m in Awe at your ability to stay so focused, motivated, and yet so quiet in the mist of this crazy chaotic world you live in!! Thanks for sharing your story and being an important part of my #fitchic family.

#Fitchicssss I appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your FRIDAY to read our blog! Be sure to leave some motivation and love for Tracy below!

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Woot woot!!!


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