#FITCHIC OF THE WEEK Dasheka Tate-Aragon!!!!!!

Dasheka is a 44 year old registered nurse from Boston! She came into this #fitchic game about 7 months ago weighing 173lbs. Now she's sitting pretty damn fit at 140lbs! She is one of this weeks "#fitchics of the week", because I am truly #INAWE of her heart and dedication. But what really makes me emotional when I think about my sweet Dasheka is how she is super transparent. She shares her #fitchics up, #fitchics downs, and her #fitchic progress all over her social media pages. Most of us just shows our ups and if we share our downs we try to mask them so they look more like ups, or we make them look worst so we can gain sympathy! You know what I am talking about. But seriously because of Dasheka's selflessness I have had several new inquires about my programs. And they are coming and dropping there whole busted gym bag off. HERE I AM AMBER, UNDEREATING, OVERWROKING, SAGGY SKIN AND ALL, CAN YOU HELP ME!!! Sounds funny, but I am telling the truth!!

Dasheka is the gift just keeps on giving!! I know this I just wanted you all to know as well... So check her out!

Starting Weight and Waist : 173.6 and 38 inches

Current Weight and Waist: 140.4 and 31 inches

What motivated you to join the #fitchic/ flatbelly squad?

"I wanted to try something new that I hadn’t tried before, had moderate success off and on over years losing weight, could never keep it off for a prolonged period of time. Wanted to get off of meat and sugar but was having trouble starting it. I needed something I could do on my own time where I was in control of when I worked out and was attracted to the name flatbelly as my fat belly is my problem area"

How would you define a #fitchic?

Showing up for myself everyday, not quitting, and pushing myself a little harder each week and not being afraid of trying something new. Well really not being afraid of trying Ambers strength training routines. !”

If any... what’s your least favorite thing about your body!?

"My least favorite thing is my deflated titties and my belly after having 3 c-sections. I have a lot of excess skin there."

What do you daily to try to improve your least favorite areas?

"Knowing I can’t spot reduce I just keep working on my overall body health and fitness and keeping my meals clean 80-90% of time and drinking that gallon of water daily. I just keep moving forward, never backwards and never standing still"

What was your first impression of Amber?

(Hey yall I put this question on the form because this is my way of getting some feedback without asking for feedback. LOL I just wanted to share Dasheka's so that hopefully the new #fitchics who end up reading this will understand me a little better and know that I am truly coming from a fit place when I do or say anything that seems extra when it comes to your #fitchic ways. ~Amber)

"My initial thought was “who am I following?” Because she didn’t look as if she was fit. I doubted her level of fitness because of her small stature through pictures. It was winter when i began and she always had on hoodies. I was unable to see how fit and strong she was initially. I had to trust Pati that Amber was legit. I had nothing to lose so I went in blindly. I honestly looked at all of her Facebook pictures until l could find ones where she was flexing and see those big biceps and amazing arms she has I was like “ok then!” Later as I progressed to 2.0 and she sent me workout videos to follow and I can see her form and how truly strong and amazing she is no matter what she asks of me I trust it because she knows her stuff. I was Never intimidated by her tough exterior because I’m the same way. Even though I do this for me, I never want her to be disappointed in my efforts cause she will tell you in a minute that something is “BS” like the time I told her I could only get in 90 ounces of water Lol!"

Why do you continue to choose In Awe Fitness programs over all others?

“I choose In Awe, #fitchics simply because I can maintain my current lifestyle and not have to conform to anyone else’s schedule. Another reason is that she doesn’t just give you exercises to perform but meal plans also and the two go together and Amber never coddles me. She sets the bar high and expects us to leap over it. I like that. !” 

Do you have any advice to share with new #fitchics or #fitchics who are struggling to maintain the lifestyle?

“Don’t talk yourself out of your personal investment. Also don’t wait until your weight hits an all time high or you develop an illness because of an unhealthy lifestyle. If you aren’t at your best version of yourself and you are busy like all of are and want a huge supportive community of #fitchics and coaches who genuinely care then this program is for you.?!”

What's in Dasheka's gym bag!!!

"My beats earbuds are my favorite because I love music and need it to motivate me through whatever workout I am doing but I also love