From Army Veteran to Female Entrepreneur: Amber’s Life Altering Transition

Not many people are lucky enough to start out on top, when pursuing a new life adventure, but as founder and head coach, Amber Williams, knows all too well, when you put in the work, stay grinding, commit to the process and remain genuine you will end up on top. Amber uses these same ideals when it comes to motivating and creating her #fitchic squad. You get out what you put it, nothing more, nothing less.

In Awe Fitness, as you know it today, started out as nothing more than a vision to help other women help themselves. After a 10-year tenure in Flight Operations for the United State Army came to an end Amber was forced to begin a new chapter. With all of the emotions that come with a career change alone, Amber also found herself struggling to maintain the basics of being a wife and a new mom. Ultimately, she was struggling to figure herself out, especially after a bad bout of postpartum depression that seemed to follow her like a dark cloud. She felt lost, lonely and searching for inner happiness. One day, a friend of Amber’s, Desiree, asked her to join her at the gym for a workout. Reluctant to start at first, Amber quickly realized that although she was hesitant to jump out of her comfort zone, she found a real, raw love in exercise. She found peace in her sweat drenched clothes and callused hands from hours spent pushing herself in both cardio and weightlifting. With a strong genetic backing she was able to progress through her own fitness journey relatively quickly which helped her maintain her motivation. She found her purpose. She found her happiness in a way she did not even think twice about before: in the four walls of the gym. It was then she realized that women, just like her, were experiencing the same issues and feelings and she needed to support them.

With assistance and support from her husband, Chuck, Amber’s own personal interest and endorphin release slowly began to evolve into a legitimately profitable business. She began her journey in the small confines of her garage until her fitness focused following grew too large for the space. From there she opened her own small personal training studio in Killeen, Texas for a short stint. Although she enjoyed the studio, it wasn’t an ideal fit for her, so she took on a job with Anytime Fitness, after an unexpected offer. There she started to teach boot camp classes in the back parking lot to aid in the dream of the owner, who always wanted to have a boot camp at the fitness center. About two years in, although Amber enjoyed teaching her boot camp and credits a lot of her training skills and no BS techniques to her experience there, she decided it was time to pursue her female-focused business on a full-time basis.

Amber now runs In Awe Fitness, with the help of her side chick, soul sister and personal spending accountability coach, Britni, who seems to be just the opposite of her. She credits her business success, in part, to their compatibility, combining both of their strong suits, to create a well-rounded, balanced company. They mesh well together and because of that can offer an array of products and services for females looking for all different types of lifestyle changes. At this point, In Awe’s client base has spanned continents, hailing females from all of the US, Brazil and Korea- just to name a few.

Amber doesn’t believe in following trendy diet plans or popular fitness programs. She is all about pushing women to limits they didn’t realize they had for the betterment of their whole being. She will challenge you on the daily and hold you accountable down to the ounce of chicken you’re putting on your plate. (Speaking of ounces- did you get your 100 of H2O in yet?) Amber doesn’t mess around because her big heart won’t let her. She is strict because she genuinely cares about helping every woman that crosses her path to become a better version of themselves.

Her programs follow a detailed, but option filled, meal plan, a tough ass-kicking fitness routine, including weights and cardio, and personal accountability that doesn’t quit. Amber knows that you cussing under your breath while you’re on your last set of weighted burpees, is her fuel to keep pushing you further. She makes you see yourself in a way that no one ever has. She helps you find your purpose, just as she found hers.

Amber has specific rules for each female and she follows them tightly. She knows that her plan equals real life-changing results. As she will tell you time and time again, "Girl! Trust the process!” Oh, and here’s my fair warning to you: if it ain’t on the meal plan you better not eat it!

In the coming weeks we will give you an insider’s look at all that goes into each program that In Awe and Amber offers, from Flat Belly Battle to Build and Lean. Amber provides a unique process to get you to the body and health you want to flaunt for the rest of your life.

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