Week 9, was way better then week 10!

I weigh the same, which is cool. My goal weight by race day is 135lbs. I don't want to be less and I think if I'm more, it will slow me down. But who knows those are just my current thoughts. Either way 135 is the GOAL! So we will see how I feel once I hit it and able to keep it consistent.

As far as my swimming goes.... I still need a lot of work! Its my breathing and my kicking. I gotta figure out how to do them simultaneously, for longer than half a lap, WITHOUT panicking! I'll figure it out, practice better! I don't think I'll ever be a legit swimmer.

When it comes to my running... I have my good days and whole lot of bad days. But, what I have noticed is that on days I do not wake up late / rushing. I tend to have less ( but I still get anxious) anxiety about running which results in a faster run time. Last Monday I was late for the run. Wednesday I was super late! Saturday I was late yet trying to act like I was on time. I did the the KB complex workout from my 2.0 and Build and Lean plans! Immediately the workout I swam (although you couldn't tell I was swimming. Looked more like I was having a dispute with the water) 300 meters! Then I hauled ass to the other side of town to meet the #fitchics at the track. Yep you guessed it, I had shitty run times on all three of those days. Moral of the story.... If I want to be happier, so I can run faster, I better wake my ass up when that alarm goes off the FIRST TIME!!!

So my bike... I am not worried about, my focus is riding at a 14 mph pace. The chic who came in first place, in my age group last year rode the 12.7 miles in 45 mins. She was keeping a pretty consistent 14mph split. So now thats my goal!


Thanks for your motivation! Especially those CTX #Fitchics, who are running, cycling, and swimming with me! I know most of the times you aren't even checking for me, you are just trying to get through the workout your damn self... but just know having your positive vibes in the atmosphere gives me an extreme high and I am grateful!

Hmmm wow I just got really mushy. I think my pre workout is wearing off! 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😍


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