Intermittent Fasting: Taking Control of Your Body the #FitChic Way!

As with anything life-changing, there are many different factors that go into shifting your current world, as you know it, to level up and become a better version of yourself. Amber and In Awe Fitness provide #fitchics, just like you, with the tools necessary to simplify change on both a mental and physical level. If you’ve participated in any of In Awe’s programs, you know by now that you’re not only taking steps to make a physical change, with losing weight, changing your meal plan and exercising daily, your mindset is slowly evolving too. Think about it for a second. If you’re a #fitchic veteran, the way you handle a “cheat” meal is a lot different now than before you joined In Awe’s squad, right? So maybe before you started your fit journey every day was a bit of a cheat day? I’m just guessing… but I think I am probably right about most of you, and that’s cool! That’s why you’re here now. Maybe back then you added a random snack that made you boost your mood during a stressful day? Now though, you celebrate a cheat meal and then think, “DANG! I need to get my butt in the gym to work off that delicious treat I just devoured! It’s been real, cheesecake, but I need to go put in work for you!”

One of the methods Amber, and In Awe, uses to keep her #fitchic squad in control of their own destiny, to avoid cheat sessions, build and maintain a fast metabolism and keep the body guessing, is intermittent fasting. Most of you current #fitchics have learned a bit about this, right? As a quick reminder, intermittent fasting is simply defined as a specified eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and periods of fasting. During periods of fasting the only thing you can take in is water. When working with Amber you will hear her ask you, “what’s your window?” This is the set time you have chosen, based on your own life’s schedule (work, kids, husbands, school etc.), to eat all of your meals for the day. Outside of that window you can think about your food, but you better not eat it! No really, don’t! Keeping your fasting period completely closed off from food is essential to successfully aiding your body in a new cycle change. One thing to consider is that intermittent fasting should be followed based on your specific body size. Refer to the below chart, find your range and follow the #fitchic rules laid out specifically by Amber.

Still not convinced that it’s a leap you should take? Well- okay. Think about this then:

  • During your fasting period, your body adjusts your hormones to make your stored body fat more available. Who doesn’t want to burn fat FASTER when it’s right there in reach?! Try getting your workouts done in a fasted state and watch your fat run away! Keep that heart rate up, girls!

  • The level of Human Growth Hormone in your body rises at a rapid rate. What does this mean? Fat loss and muscle gain improve dramatically. Hellllllloooo biceps!

  • The function of your genes change. In short, this means that your body fights against disease better and increases your lifespan. 100 and FINE, I am coming for YOU!

  • Your metabolism increases as much as 14%!! SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!

  • Fasting increases the release of norepinephrine. What’s that you ask? A fat-burning hormone. Let it burn! (anyone else channeling Usher’s 2004 voice?)

Bottom line ladies? Intermittent fasting is an amazing and essential tool for weight loss and overall body-positive health. Contact In Awe today to learn more about your ideal fasting window. Coach Amber is ready to help you start your fasting journey and goal-crushing #fitchic story TODAY!

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