The 5 Habits of a Legit #FitChic

When it comes to being a #FitChic with In Awe Fitness, Amber believes that there are five fundamental rules every girl should incorporate into their daily lives no matter when, where, why or how their fitness journey begins. Follow these rules so closely that they become daily habits in your #FitChic life and you are sure to become a legit #FitChic for life.

Habit 1: Sleep!

That sounds simple right? I mean we all have to sleep to survive so why would this even be a rule? Well, a lot of people, most often times women, are juggling a million things a day between work life and home life. Have you ever thought to yourself? Man! There aren’t enough hours in this day! Usually when we, as women, are living busy lives, day in and day out, our own personal life suffers and we use the extra time we should be sleeping to keep on checking off things from our to-do list. Starting NOW that is a big NO if you want to be a #FitChic for life. Girls, you MUST get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. You can’t expect your body to treat you right, lose weight or function properly without sufficient sleep. Seven to eight hours would be absolutely ideal. Oh, and just so you know…. Sleep is a must if you sign up for any of Amber’s Flat Belly programs. Amber and Britni will ask you daily, “how many hours did you sleep last night?”

Habit 2: Follow the 80/20 Rule

Whether or not you’re currently a part of any of In Awe’s meal and fitness plans you should be living and breathing this rule. This simply means that 80% of the time you are eating clean, prepping your meals at home (and not eating out!), eating in your intermittent fasting window, getting your protein and veggies in and drinking your 128oz of water. 20% of the time, because we are human, we are following these rules less strictly but always keeping our fit goals in mind.

Habit 3: Plan!

Girls, how many times have things worked out for you in life when you decided to just wing it? Planning is key to success in any and everything you do! You need to meal prep, follow your meal plans by day, lay out a fitness and training routine and follow through with it, whether it’s Amber-created or a personal one you made for yourself. Planning and preparation are key to #FitChic success. How useless would it be to show up at the gym with no idea what you were going to work on that day? Walking around aimlessly staring at the machines and just jumping on one to begin? That’s not going to get you anything but wasted time. Plan, prepare and conquer.

Habit 4: Be Consistent!

Have you ever heard the statement, “Consistency is key”? Amber believe that too. You have to be consistent with your sleep, training and clean eating if you are truly committed to this #FitChic lifestyle. Don’t half-ass anything. Working out and eating right need to be done on a consistent basis to achieve any type of results. On a bad day you should be training just as hard as on a good day. Don’t let your life get in the way of your goals!

Habit 5: No Excuses!

We are all living busy lives as moms, wives, professionals and women- we get it! Don’t let your excuses run your life. Yes, life will trip you up sometimes, you’ll stumble, you’ll fall, you may even bust your face but you need to know that it’s okay! #FitChics jump right back up, use their headbands to wipe their noses and keep it moving! We may miss a workout or eat something we shouldn’t and that’s okay because we are human, girls! A missed workout or subpar meal is not an excuse to fall off the #FitChic wagon! As women we are almost expected to be weak, timid and make excuses. Want to know something really alarming? Extreme obesity affects 9.9% of women… that’s basically 10 in every 100 of us, ladies! Compare that to about 5% of men. Look around you! Don’t be part of that statistic because you want to live in your excuses! You have fit goals to achieve and you don’t need anything standing in front of you on your fit journey to be the best version of yourself!

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