The Pros & Cons of a Plant-Based Lifestyle

With everything in life there are always pros and cons to things that we practice, the most important thing though is that the pros always outweigh the cons. According to Coach Britni, who lives a plant-based lifestyle, there are a variety of pros and cons that she has come across in her plant-based journey so far. Today, we are going to break those down for you so that you are well prepared, if and when, the plant-based lifestyle is in your future plans.


Overall health. Plant-based is the only diet that is proven to reverse or stop heart disease, lower cholesterol, reverse or prevent type 2 diabetes and cancer.

You are fully aware of what you are eating. Everything you are putting into your body is wholesome and natural. Expert tip: Keep things are close to nature as possible and avoid prepackaged meals, even plant-based ones, to eliminate the addition of chemicals, additives and preservatives.

Plant-based is Earth friendly. By choosing to avoid animal products for your source of food you are aiding the planet in longer sustainability efforts. The way that animals, for food, are treated is unethical, sub-par and most importantly, unhealthy for humans. Did you know that, in most instances, the animals they raise for food do not grow and mature properly and are pumped full of chemicals and antibiotics as a cheap and easy way to sustain them until they head to the slaughterhouse? Your body does not need those antibiotics but they are transferred to you from the meats you are eating. Bottom line here is- do your research. Know where your food is coming from and avoid food that has additives as they are linked to serious illnesses and diseases.


Everyone has an opinion and it’s usually negative. People who are not well-versed in the plant-based lifestyle tend to provide unnecessary advice or critique the second they hear that you are vegan or plant-based. Girls, even if you decide not to choose the plant-based lifestyle, don’t judge women who do! Inform yourself on what is involved in living plant-based and understand it fully before you decide if it’s right for you. Do not make your decision off of others’ opinions!

It’s inconvenient to those who like to eat on the go with little thought put into it. You need to meal prep, plan your meals and shop more often for fresh produce and whole foods. We, as #FitChics, understand that meal prepping is key to any plan we are following though, so we can easily integrate this into our #FitChic routine, right?

Not all restaurants offer vegan or plant-based options so you have to be more selective when you dine out. Expert tip: Plan your date nights in advance and research local, yummy plant-based restaurants in your area. Keep a running list to pick and choose from for special nights out.

Have more questions for Coach Britni on the pros and cons of going plant-based? Unsure how and where to start on your journey? Contact In Awe today for a plant-based consult and get started on your journey to better health and cleaner meals today.

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