The Start of your #FITCHIC Journey: Flat Belly Battle

In Awe Fitness’ starter program, Flat Belly Battle, is your shoe in to the #fitchic lifestyle that will change your fitness view, kick start your weight-loss journey, teach you about healthy eating habits and hold you accountable to a T. Flat Belly, just like all other In Awe programs, is a female-only 10 week program for chics who want to focus on losing overall weight while focusing predominately on losing inches and tightening up their mid section!

Amber and Britni create strict, yet, doable meal plans. Their plans are backed by science and reality, both working together to help jump start and motivate you to live this #fitchic life. Along with meal plans you will have daily core flows that will help you keep that belly in check, as well as cardio assignments that you are totally expected to pass! Accountability is what makes In Awe's programs stand out above the rest. Amber and Britni are firm believers that you cannot have EXCUSES and RESULTS- that's just not how this #fitchic lifestyle works. So when you sign up for any In Awe program you need to be ready to step out of your comfort zone, especially if you are serious about your results. Don't get it twisted, your #fitchic coaches understand that life sometimes happens, and that you will have trips and stumbles from time to time. But you can bet your $129 that they will be there to stand you back up, dust you off, and pat you on the glutes if you fall! So the assignments are not punishments they are meant to keep you motivated and working hard!

At In Awe Fitness, we are women, helping other women put their health and fitness first! Registration for Flatbelly Round NINE opens August 1st! If you have some pounds you need to lose or just want to get back on the fit and narrow you should definitely give this program a try! There are limited spot available and Amber hopes they fill up fast. So if you have any questions or concerns, please comment below or send an email to and Britni or Amber will be glad to help you out!

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