{1}FOUR-IN PERSON TRAINING SESSIONS @ KILLEEN FAMILY RECS {you must sign up for a membership with them ($15/month) or you can choose to pay the drop in fee prior ($5) prior to each of our personal training sessions.}




{5}DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK IN VIA TEXT { l need just a quick "Hey Amber! I had a busy day, but I got my workout in, drank all my water but missed a meal! Tomorrow will be better!

You have to do your part and stay accounted for. Checking in daily shows that you are truly committed to yourself and bettering your health.  I understand that life may throw curve balls, but while I am your coach I will expect you to atleast swing at them. 


**Must start your sessions within 7 days of purchase**

**All sessions expire after 30 days.**


*additional training sessions are $50/session*


  • Expectations

    When you purchase your sessions in a pack that means you're making a 30 day commit to put your health first. And in return I promise to hold you accountable, keep you motivated and inspired! Durning your first session we will discuss your goals so that I can design a realistic resistance, cardio, & meal plan to help you achieve your goals within a timely manner. We will meet once a week for 45 minute sessions. I will provide you with a cardio and meal plan and expect you to follow them consistently and precisely without deviation DAILY. Failing to follow the cardio or meal plan, or missing training sessions could result in me resigning as your trainer. Which really means I will not allow you to buy more sessions once our 30 days are up. You are hiring me to help you meet your health and fitness goals. If you do not follow my plan or stay accounted for that means you are not allowing me to do my job therefore I am not the trainer for you. All session expire after 30 days.

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